Walking into the Doug Fir Lounge is unlike any venue I had seen before. The ambience is like that of a modern, underground log cabin, where although it seems moody and dark, it is actually quite the opposite.             Last Wednesday, Coast Modern, along with their two openers, Waterbed and Mikey Mike, brought all the heat and radiance to the small venue, sweeping the room with their larger than life sound. To open the show, Waterbed delivered some powerful electronic beats, with the bass booming enough to shake the floor. Standing right in front I really felt like I was being transported to another planet. The duo, Crystal and Cat, gave the crowd the perfect amount of trippy vibes. Their chemistry showed through their music and was very refreshing. They performed several songs from their debut album “Forever” which debuted a few days before the concert. Waterbed finished their set with “Sweet n Sour”, which really hyped up the crowd and brought the room alive.Words & photos: Addison Carroll            Mikey Mike was next to take the stage. He was accompanied by a badass keyboardist/back up vocalist and his drummer. Mikey Mike came out with solo cup in hand, and a bottle of Jack Daniels on the stage. I knew right then he was going to be quite the entertainer. He performed songs like “Cut My Hair”, “Mikey Likes It”, “Going Charlie”, and his biggest hit, “Doin’ Me”. His crowd interaction was disturbing and hilarious all at once, when he called someone on stage and let them light his chest hair on fire. Mikey Mike is an absolute wild card, and his energetic and rebellious intensity made him a genuinely likeable performer.             By this point, the room was packed, and everyone was ready for Coast Modern to take the stage. The indie pop duo formed by members Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp, from Los Angeles, California, had their stage set with several props, all bright and seemingly random. Once they took the stage, they immediately jumped into the music, with Atlas on guitar and Trapp on vocals. They opened with “Tiny Umbrella”, and Trapp was all about the audience. He went from one side of the stage to the other, making it seem so much larger than it was, while also reaching out for people in the crowd. He even looked into my eyes at one point while holding my hand. It was an intimate experience to say the least. The pair finished off their first act with their remix to “Electric Feel” by MGMT, which had the whole room grooving.              Although Trapp definitely seemed to be the more outgoing one, Atlas was every bit as into the show. He killed the chords and was clearly passionate about what he was playing. During the second half of their performance, they got the crowd hyped with an interactive activity where they created a song just based off the energy of the room. There was lots of random noises at first but once they finally got it together and in harmony, it was something I, and I think everyone, was impressed by. They continued to perform hits like “Guru”, “Comb My Hair”, “Dive”, and “Run It Up”. Even though the two dressed and acted like chill, shy beach dudes, their sound was powerful and loud, and they mixed the two things impressively. Trapp would be jumping around and singing his heart out, and then as soon as the song was over he would step back and throw out a shaka.  It was everything you want out of a great concert.          Coast Modern closed the show with their two biggest hits, “Hollow Life” and “The Way It Was”. The duo captivated the audience throughout the entire show. They said how much they loved the “vibe” of Portland, which I am sure made everyone there extra stoked. Their energy made you feel comfortable and want to rock it out all night long. Coast Modern is a force to be reckoned with, and they’re only getting started.