E+Etv: InFocus takes on Tabor by Compound

InFocus covers individuals who work hard on and off the clock, individuals who progress through learning and doing, and those individuals who never understood the words, “give up.”Portland native Ira LaFontaine has been working on something to outrun the competition. With the release of Tabor, Compound’s in-house collection, Ira believes their joggers will outlast other joggers.On April 18, Compound hosted the release party for Tabor. I was fortunate enough to attend and catch a few minutes with Ira to talk about Tabor as a brand and product, and what we can expect next.Can you tell us about yourself?My name is Ira LaFontaine, I’m the special projects manager at Compound. Tonight we are launching Tabor by Compound, which is our in-house collection of cut-n-sew garments that are all made here in Portland.How long have you guys been working on Tabor?A few months, nom, more than a few months since the end of last year. It’s been a pretty big undertaking cause it’s the first time ever done a cut-and-sew line.Why are you excited for Tabor and its future?Getting to make garments for your city and for your customers specifically. You get to think about who they are and what they want.The garments are made in Portland, but where do you source your materials?It varies—the materials are from all over. The thing I’m most proud of is the cuff on the jogger pant. It’s a four-way stretch material that we sourced from Switzerland.What are you most proud of with the jogger pant?Really what I think makes it. The reflective detailing is nice, but the cuff for me is where it’s at.It’s going to be longer-lasting and give it better structure than your average jogger pant’s going to have. So overall it’s going to be a longer-lasting pant.What is next for Tabor?We want to go on; we want this to be a seasonal thing. We are planning out, and right now we are working on summer and getting fall ready.What are you doing to make Tabor stand out?Basically we want to take a lot of garments and silhouettes that I think are out in the marketplace that are doing well, but they can use an extra tweak—just something cool that can make it totally different and totally unique for us.